Task Force Final Report


The Charter Review Task Force began its work by going through the Cincinnati Charter line-by-line and identifying all of the possible improvements, clarifications, or major changes that could be made to improve the functioning of city government.  All of these possible changes — ranging from minor tweaks to major restructuring of muni government — were assigned to committees.  During May 2015, a year after the task force was formed, the committees have been releasing their final reports.  The findings of the committees are below:

Balance of Power Committee findings FINAL Balance of Power Committee Report 3 11 15

Elections Committee findings:  FINAL Elections Committee Report 3 2 15

Labor & Administration & Fiscal Reform findings:  LAFRC Final Report May 2015


The CRTF has also asked the community to provide additional information for consideration.  This information includes the following:

faviconGoverning Cincinnati:  Considerations and Opportunities,” by NCU Chapel Hill School of Government Professors Kimberly Nelson and Carl Stenberg, provided by Cincinnati Research Institute: Cincinnati report final with cover pic and ES

faviconCincinnati Research Institute research regarding executive sessions of council:  CRI-ExecSessionResearch

faviconCincinnati Research Institute research regarding use of emergency ordinances:  CRI-EmergOrdResearch